Nike Dunk

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The journey of the Nike Dunk began 35 years ago, rooted in the high-flying action of dunk basketball, for which it was designed, among other sports. She quickly made her mark on the pitch, with Nike's strategy playing a central role.
Based on the Air Force 1 model, the Dunk debuted in 1985, in conjunction with Nike's "College Colors" program. The initiative saw Dunks donning the hues of various universities, accompanied by matching team uniforms, tapping into the fervor of college sports in the United States. This approach not only resonated with fans, but also amplified the Dunk's fame and appeal, bolstered by Nike's marketing prowess and media exposure in print.
By the late 1980s, as seen in films and music videos like “School Daze,” the Dunk had not only taken over the basketball courts, but was also making its way into everyday clothing. The 1990s saw this trend solidify with the rise of skateboarding culture, demanding durable footwear that could withstand the rigors of the sport.
For skateboarders, the Dunk offered distinct advantages. Its lower sole, compared to the Nike Air Force 1, ensures a better board feel and direct contact, while providing excellent cushioning. The shoe's sturdy upper material provided reliable protection, making it a favored choice among skateboarders.
Over the years, the Dunk has seen numerous releases, including limited edition versions that have become coveted items among collectors. Today, the original Nike Dunk remains a sought-after piece, a testament to its enduring legacy and impact in sport and culture.