Dior B22 Sneaker Gray Wave


The Dior B22 sneaker in gray is a standout piece in the realm of luxury footwear, artfully merging the timeless look of chunky sneakers with Dior's signature sophistication.

The sneaker features a harmonious blend of Dior's signature gray technical mesh and sumptuous smooth calfskin, creating a striking visual contrast. The design is enhanced with an embossed Dior signature on the side, asserting both subtly and powerfully the identity of the luxury brand. Round laces add to the athletic charm, while the chunky, sculpted white rubber sole, accented with gray Dior piping, enhances the sneaker's sturdy profile.

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Dior B22 Sneaker Gray SKU-3SN231YKA_H804
Dior B22 Sneaker Gray Wave
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